pH Plus Vending, LLC has launched two high Alkaline Water Vending Machines that are NAMA certified and American made

August 8, 2012

"Where can I get and taste Alkaline Ionized water and does it really help my body?,"  is a question that SapHa Water hears all the time. In response to that, pH Plus Vending, LLC, the management company of the SapHa Water brand, has announced that its all-new M-1000 and X-5000 alkaline ionized water vending machines have earned the National Automatic Merchandising Association's (NAMA) certification.

Charlotte, NC July 31, 2012 pH Plus Vending, LLC, the management company of the SapHa Water brand, today announced that its all-new M-1000 and X-5000 alkaline ionized water vending machines have earned the National Automatic Merchandising Association's (NAMA) certification. This certification is recognized by states as proof that a vending machine meets the health, safety and product quality standards used in the food and beverage services industry.

These two new models of vending machines, the M-1000 and a smaller model, the X-5000, are both alkaline ionized water vending machines that allow businesses the opportunity to dispense SapHaWater to their customers from their premises.

Says Nuris Skala, President of SapHa Water, "Businesses can dispense our alkaline iodized water, while enjoying the profits from the rapidly expanding market for healthier water. We believe our SapHa Water to be among the cleanest, most trusted source of alkaline ionized water on the market today.  Health conscious consumers are clamoring for alkaline ionized water, and they are willing to pay for it.  Business owners can now vend a fresh gallon of antioxidant-filled, alkaline ionized water to their client base, at a low cost with only a small amount of retail space required with no inventory, while having a positive effect on the environment."

SapHa Water, produced by the M-1000 and the smaller X-5000 machines, has a consistent pH of 9.5 and a strong Oxygen Reduction Potential, making it a powerful antioxidant. The pH Plus ionization process breaks down the water molecules into smaller H2O clusters (micro-clustering), making water easier for the body to absorb. Says Ms Skala, "SapHaWater produced by pH Plus has a slightly sweet, smooth taste that customers love!"

Water dispensed by the pH Plus machines is first purified by a reverse osmosis (R.O.) filtration system. Minerals removed by the R.O. treatment are replenished by a built-in NSF- approved trace mineral system.This system only adds beneficial antioxidant minerals to the water. The water is then put through the pH Plus-designed ionization technology and served to the customer.  Every step of the process has been designed with the consumer in mind, and to provide the absolute best source of Alkaline Ionized Water.  SapHa water has the unique ability to remain consistent in taste and quality, no matter where it is produced, because of technology and specially designed process.   

The M-1000 Vending Machine, with an internal 95 gallon storage tank and 1000 gallon per day membrane can dispense over 600 gallons per day for high traffic locations. The smaller X-5000 has a 45 gallon storage tank and a 200 gallon per day membrane that can dispense up to 200 gallons per day.

Installing and maintaining the M-1000 and X-5000 is easy.  Color coded waterlines and easy- to- clean surfaces offer painless upkeep.While the X-5000 is designed to be placed indoors only, the M-1000 can be placed either in or outside for 24-7 vending and a hands-off approach. This allows the location owner an opportunity to earn an income even after store opening hours.

An additional option for the machines includes a cashless credit card platform-vending system, which allows the location owner to monitor all sales online from a remote location. Both the M-1000 and X-5000 vending machines are the latest designs in vending technology, providing business owners a new profit center while supplying quality products to customers at a very reasonable price.

About pH Plus Vending, LLC branding:

pH Plus Vending, LLC, was founded by Chris and Nuris Skala in 2008, who along with their technicians and advisors have over 20 years of water treatment experience. The team has developed a full line of commercial alkaline ionized water products and has worked extensively developing, testing and refining the alkaline vending system. SapHa Water is the brand name for the pH Plus alkaline ionized water.

For more information on the M-1000 and X-5000, visit or call (888) 364-4333

SapHa Water is also offering retailers the opportunity of presenting special promotions and tastings in store, to introduce the water to their customers. For more information regarding these promotions or to arrange one at your business, call our toll free number at (888) 364-4333 or contact us at our website at

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