Why use us? Well, we are passionate about helping people and the way we go about it, is to ensure that our clients have the very best communications experience, while reaching their goals and objectives in a cost effective and timely fashion.

We are a full service marketing consultancy in Charlotte, NC offering a one-stop targeted public relations service, planning unusual promotions, staging sparkling special events and providing excellent media services for its clients. We specialize in integrating your website and Internet activities with one of the most advanced Content Management System's and eMarketing tools available - Morphogine And affordable Special Social Media Management Plans are available for every budget.

With almost 32 years of experience in the communications industry, principal Dianne E. Stewart, APR has worked with major corporations across the globe. BSA's strength is its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of clients in different industries and non-profit organizations, with equal understanding and expertise. We also understand the local, national and international markets and how this impacts communications' activities undertaken by our clients both big and small.

To get to know us better please explore our website, to see and hear what we can bring to make your business or organization successful. Call or email us for a chat Contact us

"Never believe your own PR hype, however..... we are expert at creating it because we know, that what we do, is the very best we can deliver, and the very best solution for our clients. We are confident that we can create something you are really going to love and be successful at, at the same time."  
Dianne Stewart, APR, President of BSA.

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