May 24, 2011

Charlotte, NC - SynergyStreet Trade has announced a contest to win $50,000 in total trade dollars by simply logging onto the SynergyStreet website and playing along to the rules. The contest closes midnight May 31st. Entry is free and all you have to do is register goods or services that you are willing to trade and you will immediately be part of it.  All members of the trade exchange quality to win. 1st place wins SST$25,000 (25,000 SynergyStreet Trade dollars); 2nd place wins SST$15,000 (15,000 SynergyStreet Trade dollars); 3rd place wins SST$7,500 (7,500 SynergyStreet Trade dollars) and 4th place wins SST$2,500 (2,500 SynergyStreet Trade dollars).

How you earn points to win:

You earn 20 points for a new listing and 20 points for each additional new listing of any personal or business product or service.
You earn 20 points for anyone that you refer who joins the trade community and lists a product or service!
*Points are for measuring contestants placement only. They do not have any cash or trade value.
The most points wins.  It's that simple.
If you have friends who are interested in trade but haven't tried it out, now's the time!  They can join for Free as a "Guest" member of the community.  They list for free, sell for free. A 10% cash transaction fee is charged when they spend their trade dollars.For more details of the contest, Go to

to get started. Questions? Email us at, a website based on the age-old barter principle, offers cash-strapped holiday shoppers a new vehicle to get what they need without using their valuable cash resources. Other sites that offer barter facilities are limited in that they only offer barter opportunities when the two trade items match up with each other. With you can barter using the community currency 'Synergy Street Trade Dollars' (SST$) in lieu of cash and as long as you are part of the barter community and have listed some items of value, you can trade with anyone for anything. All that is needed to join is a valid email address, web access and something to trade.

Once registered, users may immediately begin to list and sell their items to other members in the community for trade dollars.  When they've sold something, they can immediately buy items in the community using those same trade dollars.  It's all tracked online at the members trade "bank" account.  "Participation in opens a whole new vista of opportunity for the participating members to acquire goods and services of any description.  All of the transactions are handled online in real-time, 24/7, via our state-of-the-art software platform," says Tony Holden, Founder of

When people barter their products or services with they have several advantages :

1) Be part of the ONE and ONLY social network that offers barter facilities AND networking

2) Sell services and products at market value, but benefit from the cost value

3) Buy products and services with 'Synergy Trade Dollars' (SST$) thus conserving their valuable cash

4) Fill unproductive time with productive time and instead of selling excess inventory at drastic reductions or losses, they sell at market value.

With the economy in turmoil right now, people are losing their houses and unable to pay their bills or keep their homes operating. Business Owners are constantly looking for cost effective and time-saving ways to market their products and services and this portal presents a unique opportunity to get the word out on their business activities to a qualified and pre-selected local, regional or international market.  They plug in their information and the system markets them, and what they have to offer to prospective 'clients'.

For further information on this release contact Tony Holden