LIFESPAN names BSA PR & Marketing to do Philanthropy event October 30, 2011

Charlotte, NC - LIFESPAN has named BSA PR to provide services to launch their new Philanthropic Event at The Westin Hotel, Charlotte, NC on Thursday April 19th, 2012. During the evening "A Bridge to the Future" will be celebrated to benefit the extraordinary work done by LIFESPAN to transform the lives of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This well-respected non-profit organization was founded in 1973 in Charlotte, and its mission is to transform the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities by providing education, employment and enrichment opportunities that promote inclusion, choice, and family support to North Carolina families and individuals. It has locations and services throughout North Carolina and relies largely on donations to provide these much-needed services for NC communities.

See video about LIFESPAN here


Charlotte, NC - The HairColorXperts group of salons, is to host an official opening event at its fourth salon at 911 Morehead Street in Dilworth, Charlotte on Wednesday, October 12th at 6:00 pm.  Says salon Manager, Daniel Moats, "We opened our doors for business on October 1st and we look forward to welcoming new and old friends to our celebration." Debbie Kruppa who is the Owner of 3 additional HairColorXperts salons in Charlotte, says that business has been brisk and necessitated a new salon in the uptown Dilworth, Myers Park area, that they have not ventured into yet. Kruppa owns additional salons in Park Towne on Park Road, Carmel Commons on 51 and in the University area.


Hair Color Xperts names BSA to plan opening of new Dilworth Salon September 22, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Hair Color Xperts has named BSA PR & Marketing to provide event planning services for the official media launch of their new salon in Dilworth, Charlotte, NC. The launch will take place on Wednesay October 12, 2011.

Says Debbie Krupa, Owner of the new store, "We are thrilled to be working with BSA to open our 4th store in the Charlotte area. We already have salons at Carmel Commons, the University area, on Park Road and now Dilworth."

Daniel Moates has been named as Manager of the new salon.

Dianne Stewart to speak at Commerce Connections networking group September 12, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Dianne Stewart, VP of PR & Marketing at ExecuRead and President of BSA Public Relations & Marketing, will be the guest speaker at Charlotte's Commerce Connections networking September meeting on Wednesday September 14, 2011. Guests are invited to bring their PR & Marketing questions for an open discussion of real-life marketing dilemmas and advice. Commerce Connections is a  monthly business networking group founded by entrepreneur Sara Abrams, that creates a kinder, gentler networking experience. Visitors are welcome. For information contact Sara Abrams  or 704-965-1800.

Universities ramp up reading skills August 29, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Faced with ever-increasing student reading workloads, GA State University's Robinson College of Business and Lincoln Memorial University's DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine have commissioned an ExecuRead Advanced Reading Skills Training Program to enhance the reading, comprehension and learning capabilities of their students.

"After a series of pilot courses to test and evaluate the efficacy of the training and its popularity with our students, this course has become indispensable to our students" says Laura Crawley, PH.D., Director Executive MBA Program, J Mack Robinson College of Business.

In addition to these universities, the ExecuRead methodology and techniques have been deployed at the Pentagon, NASA, Defense Intelligence Agency, US Marine Corps 1st and 2nd Intelligence Battalions, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Navy & Marine Corps Intelligence Training Centre, Quantico Marine Corps Intelligence Activity and the Navy Special Warfare Development Group.

The training will be provided in September by Dr Bruce Stewart, an advanced reading skills coach for more than 35 years and the president of Charlotte NC - headquartered Speed Reading International Inc.


Charlotte, NC August 22, 2011 The Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA) Charlotte Chapter will present their Third Annual 'Carolinas Windows of Excellence' conference and expo on Friday, October 7th, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza, Charlotte, NC.

Michael Payne, ASID, the highly respected, international Interior Designer and star of HGTV's highly successful "Designing for the Sexes" series, will be the key note speaker at this day-long event, specifically aimed at all those connected or involved in the interior design industry of greater Charlotte and beyond.

In addition, Michael Payne is a talented designer of custom furniture and accessories with his own Michael Payne Home Collection.  Michael's topic at the event is entitled - "Designing for the Times", which will cover current design trends including style and color preferences, green design, downsizing, technology, etc.

Doors open at 7:30 am and  Michael Payne will present from 9:00 am 11:00 am and again from 1:00 pm 2:30 pm.  Leading industry vendors will also be on hand to showcase their latest products and designs.  Registered vendors to date include Rowley Company featuring their Finestra Hardware; Stark Carpet featuring Old World Weavers Fabrics; United Supply Company, Creative Treatments Hardware, and ConneXion Software, Sarkis Studio Drapery Hardware, Somfy Systems, Comfortex Window Fashions, Hibiscus Graphix, Greenhouse Fabrics and many more.

Trade registrations to attend this industry event can be made at 704-485-3767 or at Cost to attend the event is $100.00 for WCAA Members, $140.00 for non-members and $75.00 for students. Members of IDS  and ASID and other interior design non-profit organizations may attend for $120.00.

The Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA ) is the only national non-profit trade association dedicated to the retail window coverings industry and to the dealers, decorators, and workrooms that are their members. The WCAA was founded in 1987 as a division of the National Decorating Products Association. In 1993, the association left and became the Window Coverings Association of America. Today the WCAA has over 1300 members in North America and the Caribbean.  The goals of the WCAA are to make available educational and motivational opportunities, to work for the betterment of the interior fashions industry and to encourage a code of ethics for fair business practices. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, WCAA is under the leadership of the Board of Directors and Executive Director Jenna Abbott.

The Charlotte, NC Chapter has 27 members and is actively involved in promoting best practices in the window covering industry for the benefit of their members and their retail customers. The WCAA Charlotte Chapter President is Pam Dawes.

During the event an Apple iPad 2 will be raffled to benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Charlotte, NC.

ExecuRead at Marine Corps Intelligence Agency Quantico VA August 9, 2011

Charlotte, NC -   ExecuRead - world-class training slated to become mandatory for Quantico Senior Intel Staff  Intelligence professionals from the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity at Quantico VA and from the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, achieved top scores in an ExecuRead Advanced Reading Skills Course for Military Intelligence Professionals held at USMC Quantico last week. Forty-four Marines, DIA and civilian contractors increased their reading speeds an average of almost 10-fold, together with an increased comprehension level.

Described by a senior officer as "one of the most sophisticated, yet simple, presentations that tied so many and different venues into a single concept. Brilliant, elegant and truly a pleasure to participate.  Instructor's knowledge in the field is remarkable.  I wish I had this 20 years ago. I wish my staff had this too. I want my kids to be taught this skill."

Another senior officer declared the ExecuRead course to be "World-class training that will become mandatory for senior staff. I increased from 417 words a minute with 50% comprehension to 3111 words a minute with 70% comprehension. You figure out the value of this. I have!"

A civilian contractor from the Pentagon rated "this course (as) possibly the best course I've ever attended. In the top 1% of all instruction of all courses, military and civilian, that I've attended. All intel analysts need these skills."

"This is one of the most relevant courses of instruction for any and all intelligence professionals" declared a Gunnery Sergeant. And according to a captain in the intelligence community "speed reading is crucial to information management and it is imperative for Marines in the intel community to quickly identify usefulness of information."

The ExecuRead Advanced Reading Skills Course for Military Intelligence Professionals was developed following a communication by Marine General Peter Pace to the Senate Armed Services Committee in September 2001 that the Department of Defense (DoD) must increase intelligence capabilities as the country confronts asymmetrical threats. Shortly thereafter the conference report for the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002 stated primary concerns for the intelligence community - a correction of human intelligence (HUMINT) deficiencies and correcting a perceived imbalance between collection and analysis.

Both the Military and Congress sees a national security imperative to improve HUMINT - the one type of intelligence that nearly all outside experts believe needs to be increased, as it can provide access to potential enemies' plans and intentions in greater detail than other sources. However, collection is only part of the issue. The information gained must be analyzed and processed in a timely manner. This is a difficult problem currently without a clear solution as there is reported to be more information than can be analyzed. All of the services report that analysis requires more attention.

The ExecuRead Advanced Reading Skills Course for Military Intelligence Professionals has since been deployed at the Pentagon, NASA, 1st Intel Btn, 2nd Intel Btn, Navy Special Warfare Development Group, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Navy & Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, US Air Force, US Army and US Coast Guard.

ExecuRead at Marine Corps Intelligence Agency Quantico VA July 25, 2011

Charlotte, NC - The Marine Corps Intelligence Agency at Quantico VA has incorporated the ExecuRead for Professionals speed reading and information management training program from Charlotte NC headquartered Speed Reading International into its Intelligence Analysis Training Program. The training is being provided in August 2011 to 48 intelligence analysts from MCIA Quantico and the Pentagon, by Dr Bruce Stewart, developer of the ExecuRead range of courses and president of Speed Reading International.

Also in August 2011, the ExecuRead course will again be presented to Intelligence Analysts at the US Navy & Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, Dam Neck, VA Beach as part of the MAGTF Intelligence Specialist Career Course.


Charlotte, NC - BSA Public Relations and Marketing has been named to promote and provide publicity services for the Window Coverings Association of America's (WCAA) annual trade show in Charlotte, NC in October 2011.



Charlotte, NC - SynergyStreet Trade has announced a contest to win $50,000 in total trade dollars by simply logging onto the SynergyStreet website and playing along to the rules. The contest closes midnight May 31st. Entry is free and all you have to do is register goods or services that you are willing to trade and you will immediately be part of it.  All members of the trade exchange quality to win. 1st place wins SST$25,000 (25,000 SynergyStreet Trade dollars); 2nd place wins SST$15,000 (15,000 SynergyStreet Trade dollars); 3rd place wins SST$7,500 (7,500 SynergyStreet Trade dollars) and 4th place wins SST$2,500 (2,500 SynergyStreet Trade dollars).

How you earn points to win:

You earn 20 points for a new listing and 20 points for each additional new listing of any personal or business product or service.
You earn 20 points for anyone that you refer who joins the trade community and lists a product or service!
*Points are for measuring contestants placement only. They do not have any cash or trade value.
The most points wins.  It's that simple.
If you have friends who are interested in trade but haven't tried it out, now's the time!  They can join for Free as a "Guest" member of the community.  They list for free, sell for free. A 10% cash transaction fee is charged when they spend their trade dollars.For more details of the contest, Go to

to get started. Questions? Email us at, a website based on the age-old barter principle, offers cash-strapped holiday shoppers a new vehicle to get what they need without using their valuable cash resources. Other sites that offer barter facilities are limited in that they only offer barter opportunities when the two trade items match up with each other. With you can barter using the community currency 'Synergy Street Trade Dollars' (SST$) in lieu of cash and as long as you are part of the barter community and have listed some items of value, you can trade with anyone for anything. All that is needed to join is a valid email address, web access and something to trade.

Once registered, users may immediately begin to list and sell their items to other members in the community for trade dollars.  When they've sold something, they can immediately buy items in the community using those same trade dollars.  It's all tracked online at the members trade "bank" account.  "Participation in opens a whole new vista of opportunity for the participating members to acquire goods and services of any description.  All of the transactions are handled online in real-time, 24/7, via our state-of-the-art software platform," says Tony Holden, Founder of

When people barter their products or services with they have several advantages :

1) Be part of the ONE and ONLY social network that offers barter facilities AND networking

2) Sell services and products at market value, but benefit from the cost value

3) Buy products and services with 'Synergy Trade Dollars' (SST$) thus conserving their valuable cash

4) Fill unproductive time with productive time and instead of selling excess inventory at drastic reductions or losses, they sell at market value.

With the economy in turmoil right now, people are losing their houses and unable to pay their bills or keep their homes operating. Business Owners are constantly looking for cost effective and time-saving ways to market their products and services and this portal presents a unique opportunity to get the word out on their business activities to a qualified and pre-selected local, regional or international market.  They plug in their information and the system markets them, and what they have to offer to prospective 'clients'.

For further information on this release contact Tony Holden

BSA & Digital Trooper launch new website for sculptor Paul McKay April 21, 2011

Charlotte, NC - BSA PR & Marketing & Digital Trooper have launched a new website for sculptor Paul McKay.  The new website runs on the Morphogine platform and was designed, produced and hosted by Digital Trooper.

Paul McKay is primarily a sculptor, but he also draws in graphite and paints in watercolor. His drawings are "automatic." His art is a pursuit of the psychology and philosophy of human existence. Inherent in this, is the use of the human figure as a manifestation of robust form, voluptuousness, sensuality and dynamic expression.

His work is not art for the sake of representation, per se, as he seldom uses models. Most of his figures are the product of his own imagination and immediate inspiration. Abstraction of form and vigorous textures, result from his sensitivity to the clay medium and distortions and exaggerations become symbolic. He cites the works of Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, J.M.W. Turner and Auguste Rodin as having had significant influence on his own work.

Paul McKay works from his studio in Albermarle, NC.

Christ Church Cathedral Choir Oxford completes successful Tour of the US & Canada April 13, 2011

Charlotte, NC - The Christ Church Cathedral Choir, completed their first US Canada Tour since 2006 with a sold out concert at Grace Church on the Hill in Toronto, Canada on Friday, April 8, 2011. Eager guests had to be turned away the door. Similar sold out concerts were held in Charlotte, NC at Covenant Presbyterian Church, St Alban's Episcopal Church in Davidson, NC, the National Cathedral, Washington DC, St Bartholomew's in New York City, Trinity Church on Copley Square in Boston, MA and ending in a thrilling final concert in Toronto, Canada at Grace Church on the Hill. 

It was no mean feat to get 40+ choristers, chaperones and organists to all the destinations, special events and concerts in often tight deadlines right across the east coast, including a special performance at the British Embassy in Washington DC and a reception at the British Consulate in Boston's Beacon Hill.

A successful live interview was recorded in the extraordinary Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH 99.5 All Classical in Boston under the expert eye of Benjamin Roe. The recording included interviews with Music Director of the Choir, Dr. Stephen Darlington and two choir members  - Tom Bennett and Joshua Hirst. The performance included pieces by Thomas Tallis - Salvator mundi; Charles Villiers Stanford - Justorum animae; Robert Parsons - Ave Maria; William Walton - Set Me as a Seal and John Rutter's - It Was a Lover and His Lass. 

The choir produced a commemorative tour CD of a selection of some of the music performed on the tour on the Nimbus label. 

Charlotte Symphony Music Director Christopher Warren-Green to Conduct at Royal Wedding March 16, 2011

Charlotte, NC - St. James’s Palace announced today that Charlotte Symphony Music Director Christopher Warren-Green will conduct the London Chamber Orchestra at the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011.

The wedding ceremony will take place at 11:00 a.m. at Westminster Abbey. The Dean of Westminster Abbey, the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall, will conduct the service, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr. Rowan Williams, will marry Prince William and Miss Middleton.

The London Chamber Orchestra is the UK’s oldest professional chamber orchestra. Christopher Warren-Green was appointed as Music Director and Principal Conductor of the London Chamber Orchestra in 1988 and continues to hold that position. In September 2010, he became Music Director of the Charlotte Symphony. He and his wife Rosemary reside in Charlotte with their son, Jamie.

“The choice of Christopher Warren-Green to conduct at the Royal Wedding confirms his stature abroad as a musician of the highest caliber,” said Jonathan Martin, Charlotte Symphony Executive Director. “As Music Director of the Charlotte Symphony, Christopher brings international attention to Charlotte as he participates in the Royal Wedding activities. We are very proud and honored that Charlotte will be represented at this important and memorable occasion by our esteemed Music Director.”

“Dottie and I are excited and pleased that our friend Christopher Warren-Green has been chosen for such a distinguished role and responsibility,” said Charlotte Symphony Board Chair and former N.C. Governor James G. Martin. “At the same time, this goes to show how fortunate Charlotte is to have recruited such a globally established and highly regarded musician to lead our Charlotte Symphony.”

Maestro Warren-Green has conducted numerous concerts at Buckingham Palace, Highgrove House and St James's Palace. To mark the occasion of Her Majesty The Queen’s 80th birthday at Kew Palace, he conducted a private concert for the entire Royal family. In 2005, he directed the Philharmonia Orchestra for the celebration of the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and in 2008 he conducted at the 60th birthday celebration concert for HRH The Prince of Wales. 

In addition to the London Chamber Orchestra, other ensembles performing at the Royal Wedding include The Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Chapel Royal Choir, and The Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. Further information on the music will be made available nearer the time of the wedding.

The Charlotte Observer story

Press release issued by :
Contact:  Meg Whalen, Director of Public Relations, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra


Dianne Stewart to speak at CPSE March Meeting March 8, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Carolina's Professional Saleswomen and Entrepreneurs (CPSE) have announced that Dianne Stewart, President of BSA will be their guest speaker at their March 17th monthly meeting. Topiv of ocnverstaion will be "Social Media Secrets". For more information and bookings visit the CPSE website

Dianne will 'Twitter and Tweet' about the relevance, usefulness, per'Plaxo'ties and the general "How To" and the "How Not To" of social networking sites that 'Ping!' Bring your questions, observations and frustrations and she will get you 'LinkedIn' to the Social Networking world in a great 'MeetUp' at the April CPSE meeting. Come on over to 'Our Space' and have a "Face to Face(book)".




Upfront Marketing, Inc. launches new RevUp energy boost capsules® February 25, 2011

Charlotte, NC– Upfront Marketing, Inc, a Charlotte, NC based manufacturing and distribution company, has announced that they have successfully launched a new energy boost capsule to the grocery and convenience store retail market called RevUp Energy Boost Capsules® with an SRP of $3.99.

RevUp is the first effective non-liquid energy boost supplement in a soft-gel capsule form. It has zero calories, no harmful chemicals, no sugar, it boosts metabolism and provides up to 15 hours of fast acting energy in each pack. Each foil energy pack contains 6 easy-to-swallow soft-gel capsules and provides an energy boost equivalent to THREE energy drinks or energy shots.

RevUp has been formulated by qualified pharmacists who have put together a product that is not a sticky liquid, has no bad taste (like liquid energy shots have), can be swallowed with any liquid you choose, or no liquid if so desired and has caused no crash or jitters after taking it. RevUp does not have any sugars or sweeteners and provides better value than other energy products.

RevUp discloses all its ingredients to the consumer and these are: Caffeine; Vitamin B (3,6 & 12); Taurine, Inositol, Calcium Pantothenate and Glucuronolactone. All ingredients are naturally occurring and it contains no calories or sugars and so is suitable for diabetics (following consultation with their doctor).

RevUp Energy Boost Capsules® offer convenience and are just as effective as the leading energy shots and drinks. RevUp takes up less space in retail stores, is inexpensive to ship and so is highly competitive. One pack of RevUp contains 6 soft-gel capsules which will provide up to 15 hours of fast-acting energy. This is equivalent to three 2 oz energy shot bottles. The total cost of one RevUp packet is $3.99 as opposed to $7.47 for the equivalent hours from energy shots.

Why an energy boost capsule? Energy drinks and shots have been highly successful retail products because they have the right formulation and are effective. RevUp has a similar formulation that provides the same desired effect, in just two capsules. 

Soft-gel capsules are the most up-to-date method of supplement delivery (being used by major pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson) because they are easy to swallow, break down quicker in the stomach and allow the contents to be absorbed faster. The use of soft-gel capsules is the key to the convenience and value of RevUp Energy Boost Capsules®.

Trish Field, Chief Operating Officer of Upfront Marketing, Inc., the manufacturers of RevUp says, “We believe that capsules are the next wave in the energy boost market.”

“Compared to the liquid alternatives, the sheer size and practicality of RevUp makes it far easier to take in order to get the desired effect, rather than having to drink other products with a lot of superfluous ingredients,” she said.

She added, “There are other non-liquid energy supplements, but none in a soft-gel capsule form and none that work as well as RevUp, due to their ineffective formulations. Some products are almost pure caffeine that give you the jitters when you take them and a major crash when they wear off. Then there are herbal supplements that are just not that effective and often require you to chew or drink them, resulting in further bad taste and consistency issues.“

RevUp Energy Boost Capsules® is currently available in North Carolina grocery stores like Harris Teeter, and convenience stores like Circle K and Sam’s Mart. It is widely available in South Carolina stores such as Hotspots, Bountyland, The Loopmart, Pop Stores and others and is available at Road Rangers Truck Stops in Wisconsin. RevUp was also recently listed with Dearborn Wholesalers in Chicago IL.

For further information on the product or it's availability, contact Upfront Marketing, Inc. at 6047 Tyvola Glen Circle, Charlotte, NC, 28217, TollFree 1-866-240-8996, visit or find us on Facebook at

Pictures and samples of the product are available upon request.

Chamber Music Concert at St. Peter's February 16, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Principal Cellist of the CSO, Alan Black is back at St Peter's Episcopal Church sanctuary performing with violinist Rosemary Furniss (Warren-Green), flutist Elizabeth Landon and violist Scott Rawls. The concert will benefit the Chamber Music for Teens Summer workshop at UNC Charlotte.
The concert Program :
Beethoven - Serenade in D Major, Opus 8
Schickele - Dream Dances
Handel - Halvorsen  - Passacaglia for violin & cello
Dohnányi - Serenade in C Major, Opus 10
Mozart - Flute Quartet in D Major K. 285
Tickets $30 to benefit the Chamber Music for Teens 2011 summer camp
Complimentary Parking across the street. The audience is welcome to attend a Reception after the concert to meet the musicians. For more information and tickets visit the website.

World Famous Choir from Christ Church, Oxford to tour US and Canada February 9, 2011

Charlotte, NC - The Cathedral Choir from Christ Church, Oxford will be touring the United States and Canada in March / April 2011 and will perform in Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, New York, NY, Boston, MA and Toronto, ON. Dianne Stewart, President of BSA will be accompanying the choir to all the cities to ensure that its a smooth and exceptional visit. Tickets available here.

For more information on the choir and a brief introduction watch here



Charlotte, NC January 26, 2011 - The Symphony Guild of Charlotte is at it again! Fashion aficionados are buzzing at the news that Jeannette Alvarado and her team of dedicated volunteers are planning a spectacular fashion show at The Atrium at 2 Wells Fargo Center on Friday, March 4, 2011.

Hosted by Colleen Odegaard, well-known TV Personality and Presenter of WCNC’s “Charlotte Today”, the event will feature a Live Auction, Raffle items and a Bourbon Tasting. The delightful Rosemary Warren-Green, wife of Charlotte Symphony’s fabulous new Music Director, Christopher Warren-Green, is the Honorary Chairperson of the event.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and the Runway show begins at 8:15 pm. Tickets are $75 and include the fashion show, food & beverages. For those wanting something special, VIP tickets starting at $150 including reserved parking and Premium VVIP Tickets at $250 are also available, which include all the above, plus on- stage seating. Tickets are available online at or call The Symphony Guild office 704- 525-0522.

Well-known fashionistas from local couture boutiques, Nitsa’s and Our Place, will present up-to-the-minute fashion on beautiful models wearing exclusive Daily Wear, Cocktail Wear, and Formal Wear. Members of the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra will be performing live during the party.

During the evening, the prestigious 2010 Marie R. Rowe Award for Outstanding Volunteer for the Arts, will be presented to Jeanne Martin Brayboy, a community arts leader who has made a substantial and positive difference to the cultural life of Charlotte.

This event will benefit The Symphony Guild of Charlotte. The Guild provides financial and volunteer support to the Charlotte Symphony, the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras, and musical enrichment reaching pre-schoolers to high school. Part of the outreach activities include the Musical Petting Zoo, a menagerie of donated musical instruments which Guild volunteers take to ImaginOn and the CSO Lollipops concerts, for young children to experience symphony instruments in a hands-on environment.

In addition, The Symphony Guild also offers an annual Young Artists Competition, Youth Festival, Master Classes and Scholarships for promising young musicians. Over $180, 000.00 has been granted to deserving students in this region since 2000. Special fund raising events are presented throughout the year and have included The Symphony Guild ASID Designer House – an event pioneered by The Guild almost 40 years ago.

The Symphony Guild of Charlotte helps provide world-class cultural enrichment while being recognized throughout the country as one of the foremost symphony volunteer organizations. It has won national acclaim for its projects, receiving 15 gold and silver awards from the League of American Orchestra’s since 2000 alone. It received their prestigious Award of Distinction in 2005 and subsequently three Awards of Excellence in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In its 59-year history, the Guild has raised in excess of $4.8 million to support the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and its Youth Orchestras

Speed Reading indispensable for GA State University January 26, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Speed Reading indispensable for MBA students at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business

The J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University is partnering with Speed Reading International Inc. to offer the ExecuRead Speed Reading & Comprehension Skills training course to students and the business community in Atlanta Georgia.

“The ExecuRead course has become indispensable to our students" says Robinson’s Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Director, Laura Crawley, Ph.D. "Two pilot courses were offered in 2010 to test the impact of and response to this training. Our students experienced immediate results and we’ve received inquiries from Atlanta businesses about further offerings.” The pilot courses were primarily aimed at Robinson EMBA students, but also offered limited access to the Atlanta business community. "The increased demand, from both our students and the Atlanta business community, for this training, has prompted us to double the number of ExecuRead courses at our College of Business this year."

"ExecuRead was a life-changing experience" says EMBA-student Bobby Moss."The skills I gained in just two days of this course allowed me to reclaim innumerable study hours. Incredibly, not only was I able to blow through reading assignments, but I actually retained far more of what I was reading. I know of no better resource than ExecuRead to help you dramatically improve your ability to stay current in your industry and reclaim your most precious resource - time."

In addition to the Robinson students and faculty, the courses this year will be open to students and faculty from other colleges and universities and especially to the business community who are aiming to increase work productivity without incurring additional overhead costs.

“Inadequate reading, comprehension and studying skills are a major factor hampering academic and business productivity” says ExecuRead coach and president of Speed Reading International, Dr. Bruce Stewart. “With people today reading no faster than a century ago, and with the volumes of reading required to remain competitive in a fast-changing world, it’s becoming even more critical to keep pace with new information. Working with the Robinson College of Business, ranked 23rd among U.S.-based programs and 65th globally by the Financial Times, is testimony to the importance and urgent need to improve adult reading efficacy.”

The ExecuRead course was designed by South African, Dr. Stewart and launched in the USA in 2001. Now used by the Pentagon, NASA, US Marine Corps, the Navy SEALs, USAF, Special Operations Command and Fortune 500 companies, the ExecuRead program increases reading speed, comprehension and retention in all types of reading material, from high-responsibility technical reading to general-knowledge leisure reading.

More information may be obtained from Dr. Laura Crawley at the Robinson College of Business on 404-413-7304 or from Dr. Bruce Stewart at Speed Reading International Toll Free on 1-888-439-3287.

FrickTrent, PLLC Opens New Office in Baxter Village, Fort Mill January 25, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Charlotte, NC - FrickTrent, PLLC is proud to announce the opening a new FrickTrent, PLLC location. Our new office is located in Baxter Village in Fort Mill, South Carolina at 1030 Assembly Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29708, Phone 803-835-2325.

Says Tracy Frick, Partner, "We are thrilled to be opening our third location and adding Estate Planning to our growing portfolio of services. This new location will enable our clients in the Fort Mill area easy access to us for real estate closings and other legal services."

FrickTrent, PLLC now offers a range of Estate Planning serivces including, Wills, Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney' documents.

Charlotte Etiquette Expert to Host "The Art of Being a Gentleman" January 24, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Savannah Shaw offers an enriching experience scheduled for March 4th at Del Frisco's
A special evening of exquisite dining and good company will enhance an informative and interactive event, "The Art of Being a Gentleman," Friday, March 4, 2011, at Del Frisco's Steakhouse, Piedmont Row, in the heart of South Park.
Savannah Shaw, a Charlotte-based etiquette and protocol consultant, believes that, "although modern times may have made the art of being a gentleman difficult, I firmly believe that chivalry and decorum should never be at question."
Ms. Shaw will share her expertise, inspiring and educating gentlemen of all ages and walks of life. Among the topics to be addressed are:
* Dining -- Impeccable table manners, including ordering, sabering a bottle of champagne, and enjoying brandy and cigars
* Grooming and Attire -- The dos and don'ts of appropriate dressing and grooming
* Chivalry -- Whether attached or dating, how to sweep a lady off her feet
* Communications -- Oral, written and electronic skills
* Social events -- From RSVPs to mingling
Partnering presenters are Mary Beth Manchin of Manchin, Inc., The Art of Attire; and Tom Kalcadelis, owner of Outland Cigars. They, along with John T. Fellow, custom ties; and Emerson Joseph, Men's Grooming Lounge, are sponsors of "The Art of Being a Gentleman."
Savannah Shaw is certified by the Protocol School of Washington and the Etiquette & Leadership Institute. She has appeared on Fox News Rising and is a regular contributor to NBC 6's Charlotte Today and My TV12's Life in the Carolinas. She has been featured in The Charlotte Observer, The Charlotte Business Journal and South Park magazine. In addition, she writes a monthly column, "The Decorum Forum" for Charlotte Hospitality News. "The Art of Being a Gentleman"
March 4, 2011
The Wine Cellar at Del Frisco's
4725 Piedmont Row Drive, Suite 170
Charlotte, NC
Cost: $225.00; dinner (not including beverage)
Register at:


Symphony Guild of Charlotte names BSA to provide PR & Marketing for Spring Fashion Show January 21, 2011

Charlotte, NC - The Symphony Guild of Charlotte has named BSA to provide PR & Marketing services to promote and market their upcoming 12th Annual Fashion Show "The Power of Women" on Friday  March 4th, 2011 in the Wachovia Wells Fargo Atrium in uptown Charlotte.

Jeanette Alvarado, SGC Fashion Show Chair, also announced that Colleen Odegaard from WCNC’s 'Charlotte Today',  will EmCee the show. Proceeds from the fashion show will go towards supporting the the Charlotte Symphony and affiliated programs.

Deanna Valeo & Todd Croy Join New American Mortgage January 4, 2011

Deanna Valeo (NMLS # 91421) and Todd Croy (NMLS # 91428) of the well-known and award-winning Valeo Croy Team group of mortgage professionals have joined New American Mortgage as Senior Mortgage Consultant's with immediate effect. This successful team has operated in the South Park area for the past 10 years.

The Valeo Croy team chose to move to New American Mortgage because they are a progressive full-service mortgage banker based in Charlotte, North Carolina and one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the United States, with over 40 offices nationwide.

New American Mortgage funds its own loans and is known for having the fastest loan processing time in the industry, processing and approving most loans in less than seven business days, versus the industry average 30+ days.

New American Mortgage was founded by Casey Crawford, who played football for Super Bowl XXXVII champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was selected in the 1995 Major League Baseball draft by the Atlanta Braves, and Toby Harris, an avid sportsman, Ironman triathlete, licensed pilot and former VP of Joint Ventures for National City Mortgage.

In addition to offering all traditional mortgage loan products, New American Mortgage is one of the foremost experts on the FHA 203k rehab loan that can be used for the purchase and rehabilitation of the many foreclosed and bank owned properties around the United States.

Todd & Deanna look forward to serving their many happy customers with their new company and wish everyone a very Happy and Successful New Year!