Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Networking Professionals is an organization that facilitates business-building opportunities for its members. Its members are provided a platform to meet other business people, to share marketing ideas, and to learn the products and services represented within the group.

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EQmentor forges strategic partnerships with leading local companies for high quality IT infrastructure delivery December 4, 2007

Cornelius, NC EQmentor, Inc., a ground-breaking organization focused on professional development, has announced strategic partnerships with three leading local service providers to support and grow their new business.


Logical Advantage, a custom software and consulting services company, Hosted Solutions, a Data center Operator and Managed Services Provider; and website development firm Moore Creative, have been selected as strategic partners to support EQmentor's mission of 'Creating the Perfect Leaning Experience'.

Chairman and CEO of EQmentor - Dr. Izzy Justice said, "We are confident that we have selected the very best business partners to ensure that our services are of the highest standards. We believe these partners are core to the success of our business to create, design, manage and secure a world-class web environment that delivers on the EQmentor promise."

"Since inception, the EQmentor brand has stood for high quality, innovation, the ability to deliver emotional intelligence development via virtual mentoring and access to the first global cross-industry, peer-collaboration site.  Our strategic partners have enabled us to deliver experience, knowledge and wisdom at the point of need for the working professional," stated R. Brian Minor, CMO of EQmentor.
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC Logical Advantage, LLC is an information technology (IT) consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality, cost effective custom software development services, delivering a broad range of technical consulting, staffing and outsourcing services. Logical Advantage is a long-term EQmentor partner who developed the state-of-the-art software that powers the EQmentor web tool and EQ Village community.
"Our project with EQmentor allowed us to create a unique and exciting platform from the ground up, tailored precisely to EQmentor's specific requirements," said John C. Fread, Managing Partner of Logical Advantage.
Hosted Solutions, a Data Center Operator and Managed Services Provider hosts the EQmentor servers, safeguards the company's data and provides 100% uptime protection. The company provides EQmentor with the service excellence demanded by an internet-focused business and ensures that the company website and EQmentor web tool is accessible anytime and anywhere.
Josh Wolff, General Manager for Hosted Solutions Charlotte says, "Reliability is critical to any online business. We provide EQmentor with a flexible technology solution that guarantees network availability and can expand with their fast growing business. Hosted Solutions is committed to providing EQmentor clients with a superior experience at all levels to assist in the success of this ground-breaking professional online development community."

Moore Creative is a graphic design firm specializing in graphic design, website development, flash commercials, online marketing, flash multimedia, corporate identity, print graphics and more. "Through a strong collaborative process, our organization was able to deliver a user-interface that supports EQmentor's mission of creating the perfect learning experience," said Ryan Moore, owner of Moore Creative.

Eric Bobo, Chief Technical Officer at EQmentor stated, "Partnering with these dynamic business professionals allows us to focus on our core business, and to drive innovation through our internal creative processes. They give us the peace of mind to build our business, knowing that our partners are proactively watching after us around the clock and that someone is always on call if a problem arises."
Visit the EQmentor website at

EQmentor – Technology and Innovation in Professional Development comes to Cornelius, NC November 26, 2007

Cornelius, NC – EQmentor, Inc., a ground-breaking organization focused on professional development, has opened its doors in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Dr. Izzy Justice, graduate of Davidson College and principal founder, has authored three books; ”Recovering the Spirit of Management: A reader interactive experience of self-discovery;” “Clearing your Path: A reader interactive adventure,” and “Is Today the Day.”  Two of these serve as a basis for the organization.

Justice’s years of research and significant consulting experiences evolved into a business model that is positioned to meet the demand of today’s work environment and the 21st Century employee. The company’s mission is to “Create the Perfect Learning Experience”.

EQmentor’s custom-built technology has two components that collectively create this perfect learning experience. First, a mentee experiences one-on-one online asynchronous and anonymous mentoring with a matched certified mentor from within a mentee’s industry with a focus on enhancing emotional intelligence through custom-designed processes, tools, and technology.

Second, members have unlimited access to the EQ Village – a unique peer -collaboration environment where mentee's and mentors from all industries can learn, teach, and share 24/7/365. Through the EQ Village, members also have direct access to the Thomson-Gale Database of 9000 peer-reviewed journals and periodicals that relate to the professional workplace.

Supporting its mission to create the perfect learning experience, EQmentor’s community is anonymous.  The members do not fear the traditional corporate politics or retribution for asking the wrong question. Simply stated, members are participating in a safe and nurturing environment to learn, collaborate, and to grow.

Dr. Justice believes that, “Although concepts and theories can be learned in a classroom or training environment, real learning that results in lasting change, is the result of a committed learner, over a committed period of time.”  

“Furthermore, it is the mistakes we make and the challenges we face that help us learn. These challenges unveil a series of emotions that if not recognized, labeled, processed, and responded to, can derail even the most talented and intellectually gifted people.”

In April 2007, Dr. Justice assembled an experienced team of Founding Executives who gathered to formalize his vision and dream. The result of this effort is EQmentor - a never before seen solution to today’s changing needs in the professional development space.

Today, EQmentor is delivering on its vision to bring the best Experience, the most relevant and current Knowledge, and the Wisdom of mentoring, at the point of need for today’s working professional.

EQmentor’s  Executive Team is headed up by Dr. Izzy Justice. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Davidson College Alum and serves as Chairman and CEO of the organization. Justice has spent all of his adult life in the Carolinas and so placing the company here was a natural choice.

Brian Minor is the Chief Marketing Officer and brings 17 years of global Sales & Marketing experience to the team. He is a graduate of Stetson University and supports local community boards and committees.                                                        

Dr. Roger McGrath is a Chief Knowledge Officer and has over 40 years of leadership and management experience. He is Professor of Business Administration at Queens University of Charlotte and non executive Board Chair at Rosetta Technologies Corporation  in Tampa, FL.

Karah Maloley is a Chief Knowledge Officer and has over nine years of experience in counseling and social services. Karah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and is completing her dissertation for a Doctorate of Management.

Eric Bobo is Chief Technology Officer at EQmentor and has 20 years of IT experience in a wide variety of global industries.

Pam Bauer is Executive VP Recruiting and brings over 25 years of extensive consulting, training and mentoring experience.

Dr. Wayne Wormley is a Master Mentor with over 30 years of experience in management consulting and training in business, industry and government.  He is an Amherst College graduate and received his MBA & PhD. in Education from Stanford University.

EQmentor is proud to announce its esteemed Board of Directors:

·        Rodney J Rogers, COO of Global Practices and recently included in Consulting Magazine’s annual ranking of the top 25 Most Influential Consultants.

·        Camille Jayne, Founder of Matters at Hand and well-known businesswoman and former head of NASDAQ listed Universal Electronics.

·        Cynthia R Cohen, Founder & President of Strategic Mindshare and considered one of the nations leading authorities on consumer trends.

·        Stu Winby, Founder and Executive Managing Partner of Sapience – Silicon Valley, a strategy and organizational consulting firm and a past General Manager of Strategy and Organization at HP.

·        Rick Smith, Principal of Maverick Consulting with 27 years of past experience at Deloitte Consulting.

·        Rich Davis, Principal of Davis Capital Group, also located in Cornelius, NC.

Visit the EQmentor website at


Charlotte, NC – Kate Drake, President of, Charlotte’s leading online events portal, has launched her newest venture at

Drake founded in Las Vegas, NV, two years ago, to publicize and promote the thousands of events offered in the nation’s party capital and it took off like wild fire. A short time after that she launched in Charlotte, NC with similar success. 704events now has over 15 000 subscribers who get a weekly newsletter of events on offer in the Queen City and it has become the premier online “What’s going on in Charlotte” resource. 

Says Drake, “704events needed to expand to accommodate our clients who need to reach the Charlotte audience we have developed over the past two years.

This gave birth to the launch of  Sales have been brisk and advertising options include Sales have been brisk and advertising options include Professional Business Profiles, a large exposure of banner ads on the website, coupons and more along with weekly mailings to our database to expose the business. Web advertising has become by far the most cost effective way in which to reach large numbers of clients & customers and offers the very best results in getting to an internet savvy clientele.”

The new 704online website is an online resource for business owners to promote their products and services to a wide and growing audience.  The incidence of internet users who are buying products and seeking services online is growing exponentially and serves that market exactly.

Every business quarter, donates a portion of all online advertising revenue to a local charity. The charity benefiting this quarter is The Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

For further information on how can work for you, visit or call General Manager Kim Hughes 704- 281-4482


Charlotte, NC -   Well-known award-winning Charlotte mortgage professional,  Deanna Valeo has joined GMAC Mortgage as  Loan Consultant.  Charlotte mortgage professional,  Todd Croy has joined GMAC Mortgage as Loan Consultant.
Ed Butler has joined GMAC Mortgage as Loan Consultant and  Lindsay Tingler has joined GMAC Mortgage as Sales Assistant , all for the Valeo Croy Team at GMAC Mortgage.


Charlotte, NC -   Jaylene G. Moss Limited - Certified Public Accountants operating in the Charlotte metro area and in the Carolinas, has appointed BSA PR & Marketing as their agency of record.


Las Vegas, NV – Kate Drake, President of, Las Vegas’  leading online events portal, has launched her newest venture at

Drake founded in Las Vegas, NV, two years ago to publicize and promote the thousands of events offered in the nation’s never-ending party capital and it took off like wild fire. A short time after that she launched in Charlotte, NC with similar success. 702events now has over 30 000 email subscribers who get a weekly newsletter of events on offer in the city and it has become the premier “What’s going on in Vegas” resource. 

Says Drake, “702events needed to expand to accommodate our clients who need to reach the Las Vegas audience, that we have developed over the past two years.”

“This gave birth to  Sales have been brisk and advertising options include Professional Business Profiles, a large exposure of banner ads on the website, coupons and more, along with weekly mailings to our database to expose the business. Web advertising has become by far the most cost effective way in which to reach large numbers of clients & customers and offers the very best results in getting to an internet savvy clientele.”

The new 702online website is an online resource for business owners to promote their products and services to a wide and growing audience.  The incidence of internet users who are buying products and seeking services online is growing exponentially and serves that market exactly.

This is one time when the famous adage “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” doesn’t apply. Drake has exported her idea to Charlotte, NC and it’s been just as successful there, too!  Her plan is to bring the same website to connect locals in many communities throughout the nation.

Every business quarter, donates a portion of all online advertising revenue to a local charity. The charity benefiting this quarter is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada.

For further information on how can work for you, visit or call sales associates


Charlotte, NC -   Mortgage professional,  Todd Croy has joined GMAC Mortgage as  Loan Consultant.

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Charlotte, NC -   Master Hypnotist and Reiki Master/Teacher, Marcie Browning, has opened Chrysalis Hypnosis Center at 10801 Johnston Road, Suite 227, Charlotte, NC 28226. Phone: 803-493- 0332 Located in South Charlotte, Chrysalis Hypnosis Center will provide clients with the availability of affordable group sessions as well as individual treatment.

Ms. Browning serves clients wishing to make positive changes in their lives. Her specialties include Life Coaching skills to set appropriate goals and life objectives using the principles of the "The Law of Attraction" which simply stated is what you think about and feel strongly about will manifest in your life and finally, Hypnosis to reinforce these desired changes.

Chrysalis Hypnosis Center specializes in clients who wish to increase productivity in sales and business, release weight, need regression therapy to deal with deep emotional issues including depression, sleep disorders and trauma, smoking cessation and past life regression. Ms. Browning is certified and specializes in Past Life Regression and offers group and individual sessions.They also offer their clients a group weight release program for those wishing an affordable alternative with group support to deal with the difficulty of weight release. Hypnosis is an effective and efficient way to reinforce positive change in a drug-free, holistic environment.Dr David Patterson of the University of Washington's Department of Rehabilitation says: "Hypnosis is like day-dreaming with a purpose. It's like being absorbed in a good novel or an engrossing movie."

Free consultation to all new clients.


Charlotte, NC -  Digital Trooper, Inc., an international website design house based in Charlotte, NC, has launched a new website for Charlex Development Corporation (

Charlex Development Corporation  is a leading edge firm that specializes in commercial mixed-use and the luxury residential sub-market of real estate development.

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Charlotte, NC - Well-known award-winning Charlotte mortgage professional, Deanna Valeo has joined GMAC Mortgage as  Loan Consultant.

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Times are getting a little tough in the competitive world of real estate, but when times get tough, the tough get…creative!

What better way to drum up home sales in historic Dilworth, an upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, than to do a three house RealtorÒ caravan and luncheon on Thursday, August 9, 2007?  Realtor’s need to eat, right?  And when one of the listing Realtors is a Certified Executive Chef, you have the perfect solution for a bang up showing and tasty good times.

Two of Charlotte’s premier Realtors, Team Papandrea and Team Basinger, both from Prudential Carolinas Realty, have joined forces to showcase three of their top properties in one fell swoop.  In an innovative move, they have enticed local Realtors to view all three homes during their lunch break, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.  Each property features different food stations and as the Realtors progressively make their way to the third stop, they will also have the chance to win a gift of $150. 

Stop number 1 is at 524 Iverson Way.  Iverson is a newly built, custom craftsman style bungalow, with stone and Hardie plank exterior, featuring 2 stories, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  Wine and cheese will be served in this beautiful home’s wine room! 

Our next stop is at 1716 Lyndhurst for a scrumptious lunch of Italian cuisine.  This historic house was built in 1900 and lovingly restored and updated.  One of its amazing features is a gourmet chef’s kitchen.  A bonus is a carriage/guest house in the back.  This house will take you back to the past and is a must-see!

Our final stop is at 625 Berkeley Avenue for a bite of dessert!  This home features 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  Meticulous renovation and expansion offers a beautiful floor plan and wonderful kitchen.  And don’t forget the sunroom!

If you would like to join the Dilworth Realtor’s caravan and luncheon on Thursday, August 9 from 12-2 pm, or if you would like further information, please contact: Melodie Querry at (704) 227-3204 for Team Papandrea,, or Margaret Morrison at (704) 227-3021 for Team Basinger,


Charlotte, NC -  Digital Trooper, Inc., an international website design house based in Charlotte, NC, has launched a new re-developed  website for Carlisle Chiropractic Clinic at

The Chiropractic doctors at Carlisle Chiropractic Clinic have been helping people in the Charlotte area for over 40 years. During that time, they've helped thousands of patients find relief from debilitating pain.

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Charlotte, NC – Trey Inman & Associates, P.C., a real estate law firm in Charlotte with offices all over the South East, held its Annual benefit for Habitat for Humanity at a ‘Tres de Mayo’ Party for clients and friends at Cosmos in Uptown Charlotte recently.

Trey Inman, founder of the company flew in from Atlanta for the event and limos ferried guests to the party on College Street."I am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the Carolinas in a similar manner as I have with our contributions to the Atlanta region for the past seven years," stated the firm's founder and owner, Trey Inman.

Tracy Frick, the firm's Carolina’s Managing Attorney and Marketing Contact added, "We are proud to support such a worthy charity that makes a substantial impact on the dream of home ownership here in the Charlotte and Rock Hill/Fort Mill region. Habitat for Humanity is a perfect fit for us as real estate attorneys. We work to place people in homes all day and so assisting Habitat with doing just that, is very important to us in this area.”

Some 200 Guests were treated to Mexican fare, exotic cocktails and Latin American dancing.Trey Inman & Associates will be presenting their check to Habitat for Humanitywithin the next few weeks, once all contributions have been received.

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing by building and renovating quality affordable homes. Currently, a Habitat house in the United States costs homeowners an average of $35,000. Small monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, are repaid and deposited into a "Fund for Humanity" which supports the construction and renovation of more homes.

Trey Inman & Associates, PC is a residential and commercial real estate firm with offices throughout Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC. The firm’s focus is to provide excellent customer service to all parties in the closing process. The firm is a leader among Atlanta's residential closing attorneys and is quickly growing in the Carolinas.

If you would like to make a donation please call 809-329-5700 or visit



Charlotte, NC -  Digital Trooper, Inc., an international website design house based in Charlotte, NC, has launched a new website for BSA Public Relations & Marketing at It is powered by Morphogine, a content management system product, designed by Digital Trooper, Inc.


Mothering Across Continents SM March 8, 2007

Charlotte Women Mobilize to Demonstrate Care and Concern for South African Orphans

Journalist and Author Cokie Roberts to be Keynote Speaker

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Looking for a place where empowered and organized women are making a difference in the lives of AIDS orphans and vulnerable children globally? You may want to pay attention to Charlotte, NC.

Five women professionals from the region have launched an initiative called “Mothering Across Continents: Care and Compassion for AIDS Orphans in South Africa.” ( Highlights include women-focused awareness, education and fundraising events to be held in Charlotte, leading up to Mother’s Day 2007 (May 13).

At 4 p.m. on Monday, May 7, up to 250 attendees will participate in a ticketed, multi-media event at the Wachovia Playhouse in ImaginOn -- The Joe and Joan Martin Center. The guest speaker will be Cokie Roberts, author of "We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters and Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation", senior news analyst for National Public Radio (NPR) and commentator for ABC News. The event also includes a performance by the Charlotte Children’s Choir, as well as photographs and moving stories from South Africa.

Later that evening, women professionals in business and public policy will gather at an invitation-only event at the Levine Museum of the New South. The focus will be a photographic exhibit profiling issues facing orphans and vulnerable children, as well as an intimate presentation, discussion and book signing with Cokie Roberts. A number of photos in the exhibit were taken in South Africa by Charlotte-based photographer Catherine Anderson.

The origin of the “Mothering Across Continents” initiative emerged in 2006 over lunch between organizing committee co-chairs Patricia Shafer and Dr. Lyndall Hare. Shafer, who is president of consulting and research firm Compel Ltd. and contributing author to Enlightened Power: How Women are Transforming the Practice of Leadership (Wiley/Jossey-Bass, 2005), had returned from a trip to Uganda, written the op-ed piece “Will Charlotte Heed the Cries of AIDS Orphans?” (“Charlotte Observer” -- December 1, 2005), and joined the HIV/AIDS Leadership Council of Save the Children USA.  Hare, the director of the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Lifetime Learning Institute and author of "In the Belly of the Beast: South African Women’s Lives of Activism, Exile, and Aging" (CPCC Press, 2004), had been serving on the Board of Directors of the South Africa Development Fund.

“Women often ask each of us how they can get involved and make a difference to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS,” Hare said. “We agreed that one aspect of Charlotte becoming a world-class city is casting a light on this global issue, and we would start by gathering women.”  Said Shafer, “Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and a gateway to the New South, with a reputation for philanthropy and charitable giving. We want to energize a community to collectively demonstrate care and compassion for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. We think Charlotte can be a model for this approach.”
With the addition of Cindy Quinlan of Thangami International Marketing, Catherine Anderson of the Catherine Anderson Studio and Dianne Stewart of BSA PR & Marketing, the “Mothering Across Continents” organizing committee decided to concentrate 2007 attention and fundraising on projects in South Africa.

“The greatest concentration of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS is in sub-Saharan Africa. We’re building on the affinity that Charlotteans already have toward South Africa, specifically,” said Stewart, a former project manager of “South by South Africa -- Crafting Cultural Understanding.” The multi-faceted and collaborative arts, crafts, history and tourism development initiative involved 10 Charlotte area institutions in 2006.

In 2007, proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships and contributions for “Mothering Across Continents” will be dispersed equally to the South Africa Development Fund and Save the Children to help fund three projects supported by the two non-profit organizations:

  • Woza Moya community care project in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Thembalethu home-based care project in Schoemansdal, South Africa 
  • Caring Schools youth education project in Thabo Mofutsanyana, Free State, South Africa
    A unique aspect of the initiative is “Founding Mothers,” an acknowledgement of women’s growing economic power -- not just for buying, but for giving. “Founding Mothers” make contributions of $500 each to “Mothering Across Continents.”

Tickets for the May 7 public event at ImaginOn -- the Joe & Joan Martin Center are $45 and available through the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte box office, 300 E. 7th St., Charlotte; 704.973.2828;

About Save the Children
Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating real and lasting change for children in need in the United States and around the world. It is a member of the International Save the Children Alliance, comprising 28 national Save the Children organizations working in more than 110 countries to ensure the well-being of children.

About South Africa Development Fund (SADF)
SADF uses grant making to focus on the needs of the most disadvantaged sectors of South Africa: women, children, rural people, the unemployed, residents of informal settlements, the elderly and the disabled. To date, SADF has issued more than $9 million in grants to organizations in South Africa.

Media Contacts:
Mary Waller, The Waller Group, 704.953.7259,
Dianne Stewart, BSA PR & Marketing, 704.844.1064,
Photo JPEGS are available upon request


As the 2007 vintage gets underway in Stellenbosch, Jordan Winery, together with Winefilms SA have embarked on an ambitious project to video the 2007 harvest at Jordan.

Harvest Diary Blog:
“We started our harvest diary last year to enable readers to experience the mood of harvest, the music we played, what meals we shared as well as the fantastic international wines we drank before the late night clean up of the winery. This wasn’t enough for some readers however, and I received a number of emails asking for more – we even had requests for recipes” said Gary Jordan, owner and winemaker at Jordan Winery. This year the Jordan harvest diary takes on a slightly different form – it is more interactive and readers are able to comment and ask questions directly on the site. Regular explanations will be given regarding some of the daily winemaking decisions, as well as to give readers insight into how the 2007 vintage is unfolding in Stellenbosch. This will be updated daily, with the newest information at the top of the blog page. The diary may be read by clicking on the link:

Harvest Videos:
“This year we’ll be taking our harvest diary to the next level, allowing online readers to participate in the 2007 vintage with us from the comfort of their own homes” adds Gary. Jordan will regularly update the videos they are filming in the vineyards and winery as the vintage progresses. These will take the form of a number of themed short clips of a maximum of 2 minutes each that will be very easy to download and will take viewers into the vineyards to experience the harvest and observe the grapes being crushed and pressed in the winery. Viewers can go to the following link for video footage of the 2007 harvest:

This may also be accessed from Jordan’s new website: “In a similar way in which a bottle of wine captures the soul of the people making it; so too will our 2007 Jordan harvest videos and harvest diary immortalize the vintage forever!” concludes Gary.

The wines of Jordan Winery are represented in the United States by Vinnovative Imports, a specialized South African wine importer. They market the following brands made by Jordan Winery:

  • Jardin (sold outside of North America under the brand name Jordan)
  • Cobblers Hill
  • Nine Yards
  • Bradgate

Dianne Stewart - BSA PR & Marketing Phone : 704-844-1064
JPEG versions of the various brands from Jordan Winery, scenic shots of the vineyards and pressreviews are vavailable upon request.


Charlotte, NC – Deanna Valeo of The Valeo-Croy Team at American Home Mortgage in Charlotte, has achieved Platinum Producer ranking.  Only the Top 50 out of 2300 Loan officers at American Home Mortgage in the country are given this designation. 

Deanna ended the year at #27. Deanna has consistently been the top producer at American Home Mortgage in North Carolina for the past 5 years.  See their website at



Charlotte, NC – Jeremy Taylor, British-born and much-loved South African singer, song-writer, poet and humorist, will be performing in Charlotte from February 18th until February 28th at various events and schools in the area. Most noted for being banned from South Africa for ridiculing Apartheid, his infectious tunes and songs were a lone voice in the long struggle for a South African solution. Jeremy tells his story of South Africa—its history, its peoples, its cultural and racial divides, its struggles for supremacy—all revealed with humor and humanity through his songs, poems and stories. Audiences will gain a warmer view of a complex land with this highly accomplished and seasoned performer.
Taylor will be visiting a number of high schools in the area, doing some private living room concerts and also a public performance at Ri-Ra’s Irish Pub, to share his experiences and unique message about life in South Africa today. See attached program of events where he will be appearing.

Jeremy set South Africa alight in the sixties with his song “Ag Pleez Deddy” and was subsequently banned from South Africa for ridiculing the apartheid government. After two years on London’s West End stage in Wait A Minim, a South African musical revue, he became a leading entertainer on the British folk circuit with songs like “Jobsworth”, “Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver” and “Prawns in the Game”.

His “Piece of Ground” was recorded in the USA by Miriam Makeba. With John Wells he wrote songs for the West End musical satire Mrs. Wilson's Diary, was for two years Spike Milligan's stage partner in For One Week Only, wrote a Latin lyric (“O Caritas”) for Cat Stevens, made frequent concert appearances with Donald Swann and Sidney Carter and performed his own one-man show at Soho's Boulevard Theatre.

TV series included Granada's At Last Its Friday with Richard Stilgoe, Diana Quick and Keith Dewhurst; Psssst! which included Julie Covington, Jean Hart and Kenny Lynch; and Songs From The Two Brewers in which he hosted stars from the folk world including The Dubliners, Ralph McTell and Pentangle. In 1980 he had his own series on BBC2 with Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators.

A change of government in 1979 led to his re-admittance to South Africa and from 1980 to 1994 he chronicled his life in Broederstroom, (a rural farming area of the Transvaal, now known as Gauteng) , in a series of tales which were gradually woven into his one-man stage shows. These included Back In Town, Go For The Gap, Jeremy Taylor Stuff, Jeremy Taylor Entertains, An Evening With Jeremy Taylor and Broederstroom Diaries.

He also acted in Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood, Robert Hewett's Gulls ( two awards), The Fire Raisers by Max Frisch, Aladdin in pantomime and The Earl And The Pussycat by Harold Brooke and Kate Bannerman. In 1991 he narrated Peter And The Wolf and Carnival Of The Animals on stage with the SA National Orchestra. He has made fifteen solo albums, five shared albums, ten singles, four EP's, three CD's and one 78, released in Johannesburg on the African 'Bush' label New Era in 1962 and featuring his 'Kwela'-style song 'Tsotsi Style'.

For six years he was the television face of South Africa's highest-selling brand of tea. He published the book Ag Pleez Deddy- Songs and Reflexions in 1992 and in 1994 returned to the UK.

He has settled with his wife in the Loire valley of France and continues to entertain in folk clubs. He also performs his one man show as “Lectures on South Africa” in schools and in 2000-2001 was Artist in Residence at Wellington College, Crowthorne. He has also co-produced an album of songs and poems by Sidney Carter for Stainer & Bell entitled Lord Of The Dance. He and his wife share five children and two grandchildren.


  • Sunday February 18, 2007 Private Living Room Concert in Charlotte
  • Wednesday February 21, 2007 Myers Park High School 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
  • Wednesday February 21, 2007 Public Performance at Ri-Ra’s Irish Pub 8 pm Tickets $20 available from Dianne Stewart 704-844-1064 or at the door. Seating is limited so prior booking is advised
  • Thursday February 22, 2007 at Carolina International School, Harrisburg, NC 9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON
  • Monday February 26, 2007 at Providence Day School with invited students from Vance High School who are currently involved in a project linked to a school in South Africa.

Visit his website for more information and to hear some of his music at


Dianne Stewart  – BSA PR & Marketing           Phone : 704-844-1064   


Jeremy Taylor: Singer / Songwriter
Born: 24 November 1937 Newbury Berkshire.
Education: St Bartholomew's Grammar School Newbury, Trinity College Oxford. MA Modern Languages.

Smash hit of “AG PLEEZ DEDDY” (Southern Africa 1961) 4 times gold.

Currently tourning in the UK and North America, performing in folk clubs and lecturing in schools on the subject of South Africa.

Jeremy does Concert/Lecture Presentations and Discussion Groups where he chairs discussion groups for students anxious to explore further the issues raised in the presentation. In particular he highlights the relevance of South Africa's story to the rest of the modern world. These groups are open-ended and can be tailored to fit existing general studies programs.

His Songwriting/Performing Workshops are based on his two-semester appointment as artist in residence at Wellington College, Crowthorne, UK, where Jeremy guides putative writers, songwriters and performers in the exploration of their craft. He draws on decades of stage experience in one-man shows, plays and concert appearances.

Personal Endorsements : “Jeremy Taylor kept our entire Sixth Form mesmerized. His superb storytelling and singing skills enabled him to give a picture of life in South Africa in a most powerful and entertaining way. ” —St. Edward’s School, Oxford, UK

“My students responded with great enthusiasm to Jeremy Taylor's sharp, playful wit and piercing wisdom. His presence is irresistible, and his songs really moved the kids. They were singing along with one of the songs, and at the end of one concert, all the students stayed beyond the bell to listen to the end. I've never seen that amount of extended, respectful and rapt attention at an in-school field trip before. We would like to have him back next year. Besides a concert, I could imagine him doing some sort of workshop with a small number of serious, creative students. ”—Steve Gevinson, English department OPRF High School, Oak Park, IL USA

“…It is really a mixture of some history, some entertainment and a challenge to our students to think for themselves.” —Whitgift School, UK

“Dear Mr. Taylor, thank you so much for contributing so generously to our community! We feel enormously blessed to have had the opportunity. ”—G. Williams Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest, IL USA

“I would strongly commend Jeremy Taylor of any school. His concert was an experience what will long be remembered…I would strongly commend Jeremy Taylor of any school. His concert was an experience what will long be remembered…”

— Geelong Grammar School, Australia

A Personal Statement from Jeremy Taylor

I first went to South Africa in 1959 immediately after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in modern languages. I took a job as a teacher at a school in Johannesburg and virtually at the same time began writing songs. I became involved in staging a musical revue, "Wait a Minim!", which surpassed expectations (it was meant to run for two weeks) by finishing its life, seven years later, in Australia after running for two years in London's West End, a year on Broadway and a further year touring the United States.

The revue featured "Ag Pleez Deddy!", a song I had written in the cheerful vernacular of my pupils. It went to the top of the SA charts virtually sealing my fate until the present day. It was printed in full in the New York Times but banned from the SA airwaves on the grounds of linguistic pollution. It nonetheless became an unofficial anthem for white South Africa. Meanwhile "Piece of Ground", penned in 1962 and later recorded in the US by Miriam Makeba, became a rallying cry for black protest movements of the seventies and eighties. From whatever angle I was considered by the South African authorities, quite correctly, as subversive. In 1970 I was banned from re-entering the country.

In the wake of a government reshuffle nine years later I was permitted to return. My one-man show "Back in Town" played to full houses and I resettled in the land to continue chronicling life under apartheid, its dramas, its tragi-comic turns of fate, its fundamental humanity forever at odds with the continuing struggle for political ascendancy.

It seemed meaningless to take sides. Anyone with a concern for justice could not but recognize courage and decency where they found it, often in the most unexpected places. My inability to take sides left me, after fifteen years of touring my shows, marginalized by the euphoria of "freedom" which, with the elections of 1994, ostensibly marked the end of the "struggle". Talk of rainbows and other wish-fulfillments seemed worryingly at odds with the reality I had been rubbing shoulders with for thirty-five years. Instead of hard-headed governance South Africa was suddenly awash with sentimentalism. The longed-for nirvana was fast becoming, quite simply, reverse apartheid.

Whither South Africa now? Can a land with the highest murder rate in the world (over 22,000 in 2005) be considered a success? Where has it gone wrong? And what has it to do with the rest us?

I like to celebrate the many things that were right with the land and the many qualities that were paramount among its peoples. And I pray that somehow they will prevail.— Jeremy Taylor, 2006


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