Full House for Charlotte Premiere of The Stranger movie

June 10, 2014

Film Explores Biblical Response to Immigration
 'The Stranger' Premieres in Charlotte with Local Leaders Featured in Film
Charlotte, NC -- The Stranger, a documentary film that looks at immigration from a biblical perspective, screened June 9th before an audience of 150+ people at New Life Theological Seminary.
The film highlights the stories of three families who are caught in our broken immigration system. It is available for download via Already, more than 500 screenings are scheduled in more than 30 states.
Although a national film, The Stranger features several individuals from the Carolinas, including a business owner from Asheville, a pastor and his wife from Spartanburg, and a family from Charlotte. At a panel discussion following the screening, some of these local leaders featured in the film and others spoke about the immense human costs our immigration system exacts on churches, families and communities:
Dianne Stewart, President BSA PR & Marketing, Charlotte, (featured in film)
"My hope is that this film will cast a new more positive and enlightened light on an issue that has dominated my life every minute of every day, for 13 long years and is still not resolved for my family. My story is deeply personal and I hope that if it can help just one other family, it would have been worth it. The time for immigration reform and a complete overhaul of the system is now. Families are being torn apart every day and it's just not the American or the Christian way."
Bert Lemkes, Owner, Van Wingerden Intl. Inc. (featured in film)
It is being said that these "illegal immigrants" are taking jobs from Americans.  But for every one of these tedious back breaking jobs 2 to 3 either upstream or downstream be it suppliers, supervisors, retailers, or truck drivers. We have to reform the whole immigration system. It's not an option to wait.  The situation is only going to get worse. 
Meghan Smith, Church leader, Kaleidoscope Multi-ethnic Fellowship, Spartanburg, SC (featured in film)
This film, The Stranger, will put a face on the issue of immigration reform.  Stories have the power to change people.  The stories presented in this film will show the devastation of our broken immigration system.  In our church, Kaleidoscope, there are many families who are being affected and need us to be a voice for them.  The Church has a responsibility to love and care for those who are here in our borders regardless of their immigration status.  My hope is that this film will move people from apathy to advocacy. 
Dr. Nathaniel Pearce, VP of Student Affairs, New Life Theological Seminary, Charlotte
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The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values.