Studio Charlotte has named Dianne Stewart as Media Spokesperson for the proposed new development on the Eastland Mall site in East Charlotte, NC

March 3, 2014

Charlotte, NC Studio Charlotte has named Dianne Stewart of BSA PR & Marketing, to head up their Communications and Media Relations activities.  Ms. Stewart is an international public relations expert with some 25 years of experience.  She will handle all media enquiries on behalf of Studio Charlotte with immediate effect.
President of Studio South Holdings LLC, Bert Hesse * said, "It has become increasingly necessary to add a seasoned professional to our growing executive team, following the success of our Proposal, which we recently submitted to the City of Charlotte, for the development of Studio Charlotte on the previous Eastland Mall site."

He added, "Interest in this project has been high and we felt it essential to actively communicate what this incredibly exciting project entails, including to all facets of the local Charlotte and NC community, our national film production partners, our Hollywood megastar investors and the international partnerships involved.  We believe that this transparent approach to communication with all our partners, will contribute enormously to its success, not only for our city, but for the State of North Carolina."
Barbara McKay, well-known Charlotte media personality and Senior Vice President for Studio Charlotte added, "I'm thrilled to be working with Dianne on this exciting project. She has wide experience with the media in this particular industry and brings an invaluable contribution to the project. I think that this is without doubt, one of the most important and pivotal projects to present itself to Charlotte in a long time. It's going to be important to let all stakeholders know what is happening on a regular basis and what benefits and opportunities it encompasses. Dianne Stewart is poised to do that for us. Studio Charlotte is committed to invigorating the economic activity on the east side of the city, which has long since been underserved by the public and private sectors. This project will change all that!"
* About Bert Hesse:
Bert Hesse, is a local Charlotte businessman, and the visionary behind Studio Charlotte. He is the CEO of Studio South Holdings LLC, which is currently working on numerous other similar developments around the US.  Mr. Hesse was one of the original founders of the $38 million dollar US National Whitewater Center, a public/private development in Charlotte, NC. The center is now one of Charlotte's top tourist destinations and is an Olympic training facility for canoeing and kayaking.
He has over 25 years experience running companies with multi-million dollar budgets, including Orbitron International (a holding company with four subsidiaries, sold in 1990) and MedCorp of America (a regional health care company, sold in 1996).
Over the last twelve years Mr. Hesse has been in the film industry in the capacity of executive producer for numerous feature length films and documentaries.  His expertise with investors has proven invaluable, pursuant to fund raising activities. As Executive Producer, his last two feature films (Night Feeders and Cold Storage) Mr. Hesse oversaw all aspects of the projects including financial, legal issues and negotiating sales and distribution contracts (both domestically & internationally).
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