May 16, 2013

ORANGE BANANA ART, part of The Art Loft in Charlotte's Historic Atherton Mills in SouthEnd, has announced that it has launched a scholarship program for more than 70 children to attend its Summer Art Camps.
May 16, 2013, Charlotte, NC Orange Banana Art, an art studio in Charlotte's Historic SouthEnd that presents fun, safe and stimulating art classes for children, has announced that it will be offering over 70 scholarships to deserving children in the Charlotte Area for the Summer of 2013 enabling them to attend one of their Summer Camp programs.
"The last few years have been financially hard on many families, and children's activities are often the first thing cut," says Sonjia Parker, Art Director at Orange Banana Art, "All children deserve and are entitled to a chance to express themselves through art.  With this is mind, it is with great pleasure that we are offering these scholarships a selected group of kindergarten's, elementary schools and middle schools in the Charlotte metro area. Schools have been selected for their geographic proximity to the Studio and in all areas of the city."
This camp is valued at $150 and includes one week-long, 1/2 day camp of the parent's choosing. The age of the student must not exceed 13 years of age and can be as young as 2 years of age. The parents must provide travel to the studio.

Says Parker, "We have left the selection process up to the school itself, but we would like to see children who have a deserving background in a variety of areas: Financial need; a child from a family with serious health issues, a child who has been the victim of tragedy, etc. We know that each school we have offered this scholarship to, will make a great choice in their respective schools. We are offering this scholarship for two reasons:  First of all, we truly believe art can improve every child's life.  Secondly, we are a new local business and would like to get the word out to the community about our studio."
Orange Banana Art is hosting FREE Open House events on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday May 25th from 10:00 am 2:00 pm. The Open House will introduce children and their parents to Orange Banana Art with a real art project for the young artists to enjoy, while giving parents the necessary information they require for this wonderful summer program.  All interested parents and their children are invited to attend.
The Parent's Night is on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 7:30 pm and will give parents the opportunity to have a "Date Night" with their spouse, and to experience what their children will be doing during the Orange Banana Art Summer Camp programs.
Both events will be held at The Art Loft, 2108 South Blvd., # 206, Charlotte, NC 28203.  Attendance is free and refreshments will be served. RSVP's to be made to
Sonjia Parker at or 704-326-1214.
Background info
Most art projects completed at Orange Banana Art are designed for immediate use - for instance, a gorgeous piece of jewelry will be ready to wear when it leaves the studio, a colorful painting will be on stretched canvas ready to hang, or a fascinating print will be framed.  Orange Banana Art encourages sharing, so there is always an extra box or bag around that your child can decorate to be used as an instant gift box.  Each child will always bring home something truly worth sharing and enjoying!  
Orange Banana Art takes their commitment to authentic artistic experiences seriously.  Having thousands of loose pieces of paper is somewhat..... unappealing. Instead, they offer each and every student an art journal - it's in this journal that students plan and doodle, as well as complete art journal exercises.  
ORANGE BANANA ART offers classes for children ages 1 13, Homeschoolers and adults.  Orange Banana Art empowers children to express themselves through quality arts & crafts, and encourages all children to develop their innate creativity, to value art as a form of expression, and to find and make art that speaks to them personally.  Classes are designed to foster an environment of artistic experimentation, learning and fun. 
Art classes are held in The Art Loft, in a historic Cotton Mill in SouthEnd's Atherton Lofts, and consist of projects using an ever-changing variety of media - from painting to printmaking to sculpture, with many alternatives along the way!  The Orange Banana Art program can help to build your child's confidence and nurture your child during their creative journey.  They believe every child has an artistic niche, and it's Orange Banana Art's intention to help them find it!