Charlotte’s brand new tech incubator RevTech to showcase first Class of 2012

October 2, 2012

Charlotte, NC recently hit the national headlines by hosting the Democratic National Convention, but this southern town known mostly for its banks and suits, has a hip new force of local tech entrepreneurs that have burst onto the scene. Housed at RevTech Labs, this is the first program in Charlotte geared toward developing early stage tech companies. These new start-ups will be featured at a Demo Day to showcase its first class of companies on Wednesday October 3rd from 2-5pm.  Five promising new companies will have a chance to demonstrate the progress they've made in the last three months.

Investors will have an opportunity to learn about each innovative startup, make
some early introductions, and to connect with the tech community in the city. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx will be in attendance with other leading city bigwigs and investors and hopefully they will take notice.

Charlotte is not traditionally a place where tech startups are common, but with the founding of RevTech Labs in the heart of the Queen City, by partners Hackers and Founders, Skookum Digital Works and Packard Place, things are moving in the right direction.

Take a look at the first class of 2012:


The Autopilot iPhone app lets you book a driver for your car with the push of a button. You choose where you want to go, get a quote, watch your driver come to you in real-time on a map, and pay for everything with your credit card on file. It's safe, easy, transparent, affordable, and on demand.


Dataset/IO provides beautiful, simple and powerful data solutions for the Capital Markets. Our solutions offer the ability to manage enterprise data quickly and easily scaling on demand while placing the control firmly back in the hands of our data team.


iMedicare is the first mobile Medicare Part D Plan Finder. We save pharmacists and healthcare consultants 20+ minutes per patient consultation as well as help them acquire new Medicare customers.

The Torch

Equip your family for the "what if's" of life. The Torch is an online and mobile application that helps you bring to light information about your health, household, and passing so your loved ones can manage your life for you if you can't. We make it fast, safe and easy to share because planning ahead is an act of love.


Welcome to the local community marketplace for scrumptious food. Our viddles (food) are prepared and grown by your neighbors, the bakers, farmers and artisans living virtually next door. Charlotte is the first stop and the Viddlrs (local bakers) provide homemade, beautiful baked goods. Viddlz makes it simple and economical for quality food providers to start or grow a great food business.