BSA Nominates Autopilot for an NCTA 21 Award

August 31, 2012

Charlotte, NC - BSA has nominated one of its clients, Autopilot for a North Carolina Technology Association 21 Award (NCTA 21). Finalists will be notified in early October, and winners will be announced live at the NCTA 21 Awards Gala on November 8 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, where more than 800 leaders from across the state gather to celebrate the tech sector and honor the finalists and winners in each category.

Autopilot is one of seven companies selected for the RevTech Labs incubator at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC, that has developed two iPhone apps, one for drivers and one for consumers that facilitate reservations, tracking, and payment in real time with the push of a button when you can't, shouldn't, or simply don't want to drive your own vehicle.
They have a great product and an even better management. The team at Autopilot personifies the 'new economy' you hear people talking about.  They identified a problem / need in their community and found a high tech solution that's easy and cost effective to use; A practical solution for a human need using a common mobile device, that most people have. Simply put, they eliminate friction and make people happy. Think back on your traditional car service experience (yes, this can apply outside nightlife; remember that unexpected outpatient medical appointment?)

Autopilot apps make it easy to connect those who need or desire a pickup in their own vehicle, with those who are willing and able to drive. They utilize complex mathematical equations to ensure the right number of drivers are available at the right times, automatically predicting demand, estimating ETAs, and handling supply chain management and positioning. By connecting operators to the closest fares, the system maximizes revenues while promoting safety and quality control through driver and customer ratings. By creating transparency and delivering real time communication (customers can watch their driver arrive in real time on their phone), Autopilot makes lives safer, more convenient, more productive, and more fun in a lot of ways.

The Autopilot team is made up of talented, and passionate professionals. Prior to Autopilot, Ben Lee (co-founder and CEO) owned, operated, and successfully exited one of the largest and fastest growing marine rental companies in the US.

Their developers and engineers have a deep understanding of customers and business objectives and showcase that through great design. They also have an amazing group of advisor's and investors.

The way in which this company has gone about developing a brand & product that addresses a real need, exemplifies what the NC Technology Awards is all about!