BSA & Digital Trooper launch new website for sculptor Paul McKay

April 21, 2011

Charlotte, NC - BSA PR & Marketing & Digital Trooper have launched a new website for sculptor Paul McKay.  The new website runs on the Morphogine platform and was designed, produced and hosted by Digital Trooper.

Paul McKay is primarily a sculptor, but he also draws in graphite and paints in watercolor. His drawings are "automatic." His art is a pursuit of the psychology and philosophy of human existence. Inherent in this, is the use of the human figure as a manifestation of robust form, voluptuousness, sensuality and dynamic expression.

His work is not art for the sake of representation, per se, as he seldom uses models. Most of his figures are the product of his own imagination and immediate inspiration. Abstraction of form and vigorous textures, result from his sensitivity to the clay medium and distortions and exaggerations become symbolic. He cites the works of Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, J.M.W. Turner and Auguste Rodin as having had significant influence on his own work.

Paul McKay works from his studio in Albermarle, NC.