Dianne Stewart to speak at CPSE March Meeting

March 8, 2011

Charlotte, NC - Carolina's Professional Saleswomen and Entrepreneurs (CPSE) have announced that Dianne Stewart, President of BSA will be their guest speaker at their March 17th monthly meeting. Topiv of ocnverstaion will be "Social Media Secrets". For more information and bookings visit the CPSE website

Dianne will 'Twitter and Tweet' about the relevance, usefulness, per'Plaxo'ties and the general "How To" and the "How Not To" of social networking sites that 'Ping!' Bring your questions, observations and frustrations and she will get you 'LinkedIn' to the Social Networking world in a great 'MeetUp' at the April CPSE meeting. Come on over to 'Our Space' and have a "Face to Face(book)".