EQmentor – Technology and Innovation in Professional Development comes to Cornelius, NC

November 26, 2007

Cornelius, NC – EQmentor, Inc., a ground-breaking organization focused on professional development, has opened its doors in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Dr. Izzy Justice, graduate of Davidson College and principal founder, has authored three books; ”Recovering the Spirit of Management: A reader interactive experience of self-discovery;” “Clearing your Path: A reader interactive adventure,” and “Is Today the Day.”  Two of these serve as a basis for the organization.

Justice’s years of research and significant consulting experiences evolved into a business model that is positioned to meet the demand of today’s work environment and the 21st Century employee. The company’s mission is to “Create the Perfect Learning Experience”.

EQmentor’s custom-built technology has two components that collectively create this perfect learning experience. First, a mentee experiences one-on-one online asynchronous and anonymous mentoring with a matched certified mentor from within a mentee’s industry with a focus on enhancing emotional intelligence through custom-designed processes, tools, and technology.

Second, members have unlimited access to the EQ Village – a unique peer -collaboration environment where mentee's and mentors from all industries can learn, teach, and share 24/7/365. Through the EQ Village, members also have direct access to the Thomson-Gale Database of 9000 peer-reviewed journals and periodicals that relate to the professional workplace.

Supporting its mission to create the perfect learning experience, EQmentor’s community is anonymous.  The members do not fear the traditional corporate politics or retribution for asking the wrong question. Simply stated, members are participating in a safe and nurturing environment to learn, collaborate, and to grow.

Dr. Justice believes that, “Although concepts and theories can be learned in a classroom or training environment, real learning that results in lasting change, is the result of a committed learner, over a committed period of time.”  

“Furthermore, it is the mistakes we make and the challenges we face that help us learn. These challenges unveil a series of emotions that if not recognized, labeled, processed, and responded to, can derail even the most talented and intellectually gifted people.”

In April 2007, Dr. Justice assembled an experienced team of Founding Executives who gathered to formalize his vision and dream. The result of this effort is EQmentor - a never before seen solution to today’s changing needs in the professional development space.

Today, EQmentor is delivering on its vision to bring the best Experience, the most relevant and current Knowledge, and the Wisdom of mentoring, at the point of need for today’s working professional.

EQmentor’s  Executive Team is headed up by Dr. Izzy Justice. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Davidson College Alum and serves as Chairman and CEO of the organization. Justice has spent all of his adult life in the Carolinas and so placing the company here was a natural choice.

Brian Minor is the Chief Marketing Officer and brings 17 years of global Sales & Marketing experience to the team. He is a graduate of Stetson University and supports local community boards and committees.                                                        

Dr. Roger McGrath is a Chief Knowledge Officer and has over 40 years of leadership and management experience. He is Professor of Business Administration at Queens University of Charlotte and non executive Board Chair at Rosetta Technologies Corporation  in Tampa, FL.

Karah Maloley is a Chief Knowledge Officer and has over nine years of experience in counseling and social services. Karah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and is completing her dissertation for a Doctorate of Management.

Eric Bobo is Chief Technology Officer at EQmentor and has 20 years of IT experience in a wide variety of global industries.

Pam Bauer is Executive VP Recruiting and brings over 25 years of extensive consulting, training and mentoring experience.

Dr. Wayne Wormley is a Master Mentor with over 30 years of experience in management consulting and training in business, industry and government.  He is an Amherst College graduate and received his MBA & PhD. in Education from Stanford University.

EQmentor is proud to announce its esteemed Board of Directors:

·        Rodney J Rogers, COO of Global Practices and recently included in Consulting Magazine’s annual ranking of the top 25 Most Influential Consultants.

·        Camille Jayne, Founder of Matters at Hand and well-known businesswoman and former head of NASDAQ listed Universal Electronics.

·        Cynthia R Cohen, Founder & President of Strategic Mindshare and considered one of the nations leading authorities on consumer trends.

·        Stu Winby, Founder and Executive Managing Partner of Sapience – Silicon Valley, a strategy and organizational consulting firm and a past General Manager of Strategy and Organization at HP.

·        Rick Smith, Principal of Maverick Consulting with 27 years of past experience at Deloitte Consulting.

·        Rich Davis, Principal of Davis Capital Group, also located in Cornelius, NC.

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