September 3, 2007

Charlotte, NC -   Master Hypnotist and Reiki Master/Teacher, Marcie Browning, has opened Chrysalis Hypnosis Center at 10801 Johnston Road, Suite 227, Charlotte, NC 28226. Phone: 803-493- 0332 Located in South Charlotte, Chrysalis Hypnosis Center will provide clients with the availability of affordable group sessions as well as individual treatment.

Ms. Browning serves clients wishing to make positive changes in their lives. Her specialties include Life Coaching skills to set appropriate goals and life objectives using the principles of the "The Law of Attraction" which simply stated is what you think about and feel strongly about will manifest in your life and finally, Hypnosis to reinforce these desired changes.

Chrysalis Hypnosis Center specializes in clients who wish to increase productivity in sales and business, release weight, need regression therapy to deal with deep emotional issues including depression, sleep disorders and trauma, smoking cessation and past life regression. Ms. Browning is certified and specializes in Past Life Regression and offers group and individual sessions.They also offer their clients a group weight release program for those wishing an affordable alternative with group support to deal with the difficulty of weight release. Hypnosis is an effective and efficient way to reinforce positive change in a drug-free, holistic environment.Dr David Patterson of the University of Washington's Department of Rehabilitation says: "Hypnosis is like day-dreaming with a purpose. It's like being absorbed in a good novel or an engrossing movie."

Free consultation to all new clients.