February 22, 2007

As the 2007 vintage gets underway in Stellenbosch, Jordan Winery, together with Winefilms SA have embarked on an ambitious project to video the 2007 harvest at Jordan.

Harvest Diary Blog:
“We started our harvest diary last year to enable readers to experience the mood of harvest, the music we played, what meals we shared as well as the fantastic international wines we drank before the late night clean up of the winery. This wasn’t enough for some readers however, and I received a number of emails asking for more – we even had requests for recipes” said Gary Jordan, owner and winemaker at Jordan Winery. This year the Jordan harvest diary takes on a slightly different form – it is more interactive and readers are able to comment and ask questions directly on the site. Regular explanations will be given regarding some of the daily winemaking decisions, as well as to give readers insight into how the 2007 vintage is unfolding in Stellenbosch. This will be updated daily, with the newest information at the top of the blog page. The diary may be read by clicking on the link:

Harvest Videos:
“This year we’ll be taking our harvest diary to the next level, allowing online readers to participate in the 2007 vintage with us from the comfort of their own homes” adds Gary. Jordan will regularly update the videos they are filming in the vineyards and winery as the vintage progresses. These will take the form of a number of themed short clips of a maximum of 2 minutes each that will be very easy to download and will take viewers into the vineyards to experience the harvest and observe the grapes being crushed and pressed in the winery. Viewers can go to the following link for video footage of the 2007 harvest:

This may also be accessed from Jordan’s new website: “In a similar way in which a bottle of wine captures the soul of the people making it; so too will our 2007 Jordan harvest videos and harvest diary immortalize the vintage forever!” concludes Gary.

The wines of Jordan Winery are represented in the United States by Vinnovative Imports, a specialized South African wine importer. They market the following brands made by Jordan Winery:

  • Jardin (sold outside of North America under the brand name Jordan)
  • Cobblers Hill
  • Nine Yards
  • Bradgate

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